Misselbrook's Musings

Notes on the Greek New Testament

Sunday 29 May
Today's Reading - John 18:1-27 Bible Passage English Bible Passage Greek   Related Blog(s) Related Blogs

These daily readings will take you through the New Testament in a year - see the Reading Plan.

Quote for the Week

"Any history of Christianity is naturally dominated by the big beasts: by the Pauls and the Augustines and the Gregorys and the Luthers. And of course those guys matter. But the people who have really and always carried the story forward are those on the ground, the footsloggers. Real Christianity has always, in fact, been the stubborn faith of exploited and oppressed people. Through times of power and times of weakness, under good leaders and bad leaders and downright despicably evil leaders, there have always been the real Christians, struggling on, trying to follow Jesus and do the kinds of things they believed he wanted them to do."

Nick Page, A Nearly Infallible History of Christianity (London: Hodder & Stoughton Ltd., 2013), p. 426

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