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Notes on the Greek New Testament

Sunday 19 April
Today's Reading - Luke 19:28-48 Bible Passage English Bible Passage Greek   Related Blog(s) Related Blogs

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Quote for the Week

"What we do in the present existence matters. We are not simply oiling the wheels of a machine that will one day fall off the edge of a cliff. We must continue with our work of building for the kingdom of God. It is not a case of 'building the kingdom of God' by our own efforts. Neither our present holiness nor our present acts of justice and mercy will actually bring in the kingdom, here and now, in all its fulness. To assume that would be to tend towards the mistake made by the Corinthians. The great transformation is still to come. But when it does come, the holiness that we now strive to attain, the Christian work we struggle to achieve, the acts of justice and mercy that we try to accomplish, all our deeds of love and goodness, creativity and beauty – all these will be enhanced, transformed in the new world that God is going to make."

Tom Wright, Reflecting the Glory (Abingdon: The Bible Reading Fellowship, 1997), p. 247